The SAYA FILMS staff is ready to assist you no matter what phase of the technology evolution you or your company is currently in. Our expertise ranges from hardware setup all the way to user front-ends and client applications. Our employees are guided by the vision to be "best in the manner in which we operate, best in the products we deliver, and best in our value system and ethics."

Media Services
Your full service solution for all media content. We specialize in taking raw, unedited footage and assisting in any step of the development process. Our team of specialists can edit video, compress, save to various standard formats, and help in CD-DVD Replication and DVD Authoring. View our Media Services page for a full list and description of our services.

When you simply have an idea and need the creative direction to make a physical product out of it, call on the SAYA FILMS expertise to reach a solution. Our filming and production crews can create you high quality video working with your staff to fulfill your goals.

Post Production /Video Editing
Our top of the line editing studios feature an array of Apple editing workstations with the latest software and hardware to convert your raw footage to a cohesive video. We can take raw footage in a variety of formats ranging from 3/4" tape, Betacam, Digibeta Cam, DVCam, Mini DV, HD and even P2 Cards.
As a multi-genre post-production house we offer our clients a creative staff with a versatile background in dramas, commercials, TV specials, documentaries and AV promos. Our depth of experience is critical when it comes to making your project stand out above the rest. Our editors can accompany your project from the initial idea through production, editing and follow-up, providing you with the continuity you need to get the best possible results.
We have 5 fully equipped edit suites for all uncompressed standard definition (SD) and High definition (HD) requirements running Final Cut Pro 7 on Apple Mac Pro 3.0 Xeon processor machines with Deck link Extreme and AJA video capture cards . Alternatively, if you wish to edit on your own, we also rent out our post-production suites without editor and even can set up an on-location portable solution.

Graphic designing
We have our creative graphic design team to provide you with any engaging graphics and story-board, be it for incorporating into video applications.
We have dual processor graphic workstations to cater to all 2D and 3D graphic requirements.

Compositing / Colour Correction
Looking for superior compositing and colour correction solution in India? At Syncline Films we are adequately equipped with both hardware and a talented workforce to provide you with stunning visual effects and picture perfect colour correction.
For all high-end compositing requirements, we work locally on SHAKE in Punjab and also have tie-upís in Mumbai and Chennai for telecine / reverse telecine requirements on 16m and 35 mm film.